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Changes to our business CLOSE
Devine advises that it has repositioned its home building business to focus on the delivery of medium density, integrated housing solutions. As a result of this decision Devine Homes will no longer be pursuing new business for its detached home building business. Devine will continue to fulfill its commitment to its existing clients who have homes under construction, or homes soon to commence construction. Existing clients will be contacted to provide assurance that their Devine home will continue to be constructed to the highest quality within the terms of the home building contract.


* Stock photo, not actual Lot

Redbank Plains

Lot 296 Tba, Redbank Plains


Frontage 12m
Area 318m2

* Stock photo, not actual Lot

Redbank Plains

Lot 84 Gammon Way, Redbank Plains


Frontage 12m
Area 422m2

* Stock photo, not actual Lot

Redbank Plains

Lot 270 Tba, Redbank Plains


Frontage 10m
Area 315m2

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Smart Ideas

Devine's Quick Guide To Buying Land

Here at Devine, we know how big of a decision it is to purchase your ideal block of land. Before you pop the champagne bottle here are some helpful questions to ask when selecting the perfect lot.

Where are the Best Suburbs to Buy Land?

Buying a new home is a daunting task, and choosing where to buy is often the most difficult choice to make. Our guide to key considerations will help take the guesswork out of purchasing land.

Top Three Checks Before Buying a Block of Land

Talk to some of the neighbours. Know where your local shops are, the nearest medical facilities, parks and amenities that are important to you.